Jinan Diesel Engine Co. Ltd (JDEC)offers a range of diesel engines. The company’s six, eight-cylinder, highspeed 8190 series feature compact design, high power and are engineered for easy operation and maintenance as well as good reliability. These models share a lot of common features with the 190 series diesel engines.

The 190 series engines feature an eight-cylinder, inline configuration.They are four-stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged and aftercooled units featuring direct injection. This series features a bore of 190 mm and a stroke of 210 mm and a compression ratio of 14.5:1.

The 601 series diesel engines are the new-generation product based on the 190 series. These are jointly developed by JDEC and AVL of Austria. This product line will be progressively expanded both in terms of models and cylinder configurations of 6L, 8V, 12V, 16V,making a complete series of diesel engines covering a wide output range of 470 to 2320 kW.

The 2000 series diesel engines have been designed and developed on the basis of the company’s Z12V190B diesel engine. The four-stroke engines have a 12-cylinder, 60° Vee configuration and are also turbocharged and aftercooled with direct injection. The bore is 190 mm while the stroke is 210 mm and the compression ratio is 14:1.

The engines are also available in an eight-cylinder variant. These engines also have a 60° Vee configuration, are turbocharged, aftercooled and use direct injection. The bore and stroke is the same and the 12-cylinder versions and they also have a 14:1 compression ratio.

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