Ukrainian diesel and gas engine manufacturer PervomaiskDieselMash (PDM) successfully expanded its position in the distributed power generating and cogeneration markets. During the last two years PDM delivered cogeneration units based on the PDM gas engines of different powers (from 315 up to 800 kW) to different regions of Ukraine and abroad. The largest of these units work on alternative fuels like biogas, coal mine, and marsh-gas, etc.

In March 2008, PDM successfully penetrated the EU market. The first cogeneration unit by PDM was sold to Italy, and in September it started commercial service in the village of Maso Del Gusto in the Trento region. This unit produces 315 kW of electrical power and 0.4 Giga calories per hour of thermal energy.

This unit, based on the PDM sixcylinder gas engine with a bore x stroke of 260 x 340 mm and a rated speed of 500 r/min, has shown to have a long service life and require low maintenance. This engine uses biomethane produced from driftweed at a special farm. Complete utilization of carbon dioxide from engine waste gases used in the process of driftweed cultivation is a significant advantage of this unit.

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