The Power of Trash

The Power of Trash Maryland, U.S.A., has developed its Central Landfill facility into a 3 MW biomass power plant. Using a gas collection system from Curtis Engine, the site generates power through Dresser Waukesha generators fueled through methane gas naturally produced by trash dumped at the landfill. Maryland landfill developed into 3 MW power plant;provides […]

Oil—Unsafe at Any Price

A confluence of circumstances promised to make 2008 a transformative year for renewable energy in the U.S. States enacted additional, and more demanding, renewable portfolio standards, promoting accelerated and sustained development of “green” energy resources. Increasing concerns about global warming and climate change prompted some of this activity. However, the unprecedented escalation of oil prices […]

Converting a Pump to Use Mechanical Seals

Wear and leakage are common maintenance problems that result in pump discharge pressure dropping below optimum levels and reduced pump efficiency. Converting pumps to mechanical seals eliminates fretting or grooving of the shaft and provides for easier pump maintenance. By converting to mechanical seals, a plant also avoids incurring expenses associated with the replacement of […]


ESCO Turbine Technologies has named Jim Liberator vice president of sales. Liberator joined ESCO in 1984 as an engineer and has also held several sales and management positions. Jim was a key member of a transition team that sold the Engineered Metals Group to Samuel, Son & Co. in 2006.Most recently, Liberator served as Samuel’s […]

MWM Reports Strong Power Generation Sales in India

20-cylinder gas engine, by the German manufacturer MWM, is one of the systems currently being used in Indian decentralized power generation plants. The company formerly known as Deutz Power Systems GmbH, which recently became MWM (reclaimed from the company’s 1920s name Motoren- Werke Mannheim) has reported a growing demand for gas-powered, decentralized energy supply plants […]