Upfront Chromatography A/S has developed a new process to isolate a high purity protein from whey. The protein, called alpha-lactalbumin, can now be isolated in a single, highly selective step with columns using the company’s proprietary expanded bed adsorption (EBA) technology.

The new process makes it possible to isolate the protein, which is used as a supplement in infant formulas, from the sweet and acid whey derived from side streams of cheese and caseinates production.

Upfront says that the new process brings the level of allergenic proteins in the end – product to an absolute minimum and eliminates any possible contamination with unwanted components such as lipids, carbohydrates, off-taste substances and low-molecular weight adulterants such as melamine. Alpha-lactalbumin is a biologically active protein and it is therefore a major benefit of EBA that the manufacturing process keeps the molecule fully intact compared to previous techniques. The new process developed by Upfront removes the need for harsh heat treatment or clarification steps, which means that the native structure of the protein is preserved while costs are significantly reduced.


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