New Year’s Resolutions

Why is it that so many of our New Year’s resolutions are focused on self-enrichment, yet they are the first promises we break? The typical resolutions—“get more exercise”or “stop smoking”—are recycled yearly. Surveys find that most resolutions are abandoned or forgotten by, appropriately,Ground Hog Day. I believe it’s time to reboot our resolutionsetting software and […]

Peerless launches plant in China

Peerless MFG (PMFG) has launched a separation and filtration equipment manufacturing plant in mainland China. The plant, located in Zhenjiang City, near Shanghai, will cover 40,000 ft2 and initially employ approximately 20 people. The separation, filtration and silencing equipment will be made for China and other Asian markets. The plant will also fabricate nuclear steam […]

The return of the Clipper Liberty wind turbine

The Steel Winds project in Lackawanna, New York, was selected as a POWER 2007 Top Plant because of its unusual location (a former steel mill and Superfund site) and because it was the first commercial deployment of the Clipper Windpower 2.5-MW turbine. That report was written just as the project entered commercial service but before […]

Emissions News

Cummins recently released a new rating of 1864 kW for its Tier 2 QSK50 for well-servicing applications. The powerto-weight ratio, 1864 kW from 5700 kg, is increasingly important as well-servicing equipment is often on trailers or rigs traveling on roads with local or regional weight restrictions. The new rating increases output by 9% from 1715 […]

San Cristobal Wind Project, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, home of the unusual flora and fauna that inspired naturalist Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking work on evolution, are striving to promote clean energy that protects the area’s unique biodiversity.Part of that effort is the 2.4-MW San Cristobal Wind Project, which displaces diesel-powered electricity generation. This new energy source will cut greenhouse gas emissions […]