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The EAD series displays by German manufacturer Dr. E. Horn, monitor vessel propulsion by showing the 360° pivotable drive, propeller speed, total input power and propeller pitch. Analog and digital displays are available in the same instrument.

Two new lines of instruments, the EAD display and control panels and the MDA 305 display unit, are being launched by German manufacturer Dr. E.Horn GmbH, and will be displayed at the SMM 2008 show. The EAD family is composed of a series of multifunctional and compact instruments for the monitoring of vessel propulsion. All necessary information,such as the 360° pivotable drive, is displayed,as well as additional measurements like propeller speed, total input power and propeller pitch. Analog and digital displays are available in the same instrument,with the data transmission made via analog signals (4 to 20 mA) or via a CAN interface. The units with CAN interface have the option of being dimmed by the interface or the central potentiometer.

The multifunctional display units of the EAD series are available in 96 x 96 mm and 144 x 144 mm sizes, as well as other dimensions per customer demands.The housings comply with protection class IP54 for use inside or IP69K respectively and IP68 for out-side mounting, without the need of any further protective housing. Dr.E. Horn also explained that the illumination of the units is realized by dimmable, high-performance LEDs. The scale discs and the pointers are driven by a stepping motor and also illuminated by LEDs. All the instruments in the new EAD series are approved by MED and by a certification of the Germanischer Lloyd.

The new MDA 305 is a compact display unit with LED technology for the local control of diesel engines. The manufacturer described the instrument as a robust vibration-proof unit, compliant with IP68 protection class, as required by classification societies. Signals are displayed on the new instrument via bar graphs or seven-segment modules. Transmission is assured by galvanic-isolated analog inputs (4 to 20 mA). Dr. E. Horn said that the high-grade protection class and the robust housing design of the MDA 305 allow the display to be mounted directly on the diesel engine to monitor values such as engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, exhaust gas temperature and others as required.

Dr. E. Horn GmbH is a manufacturer of electronic measuring systems with quite a long history: the company was founded in 1885 by Theodor Horn, who set the foundation of the company with his inventions and patents in measurement tools. The company is now located near Stuttgart, Germany, and managed by Dietmar Künzel, who said that the company is still guided today by the tried and tested method of precise manufacturing and careful workmanship. Of course, nowadays research and development are key to success, and Künzel explained that in a typical year the company invests between 15 and 20% of its revenues in basic research. This high rate of investment allows the manufacturer to remain on the technological forefront and always launch new products in the fields of safety and alarm systems, oil mist detectors and bearing control units.

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