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MAN Diesel’s CoCoS engine diagnostics and maintenance software systems are designed to help engine operators better predict and manage their service needs.

CoCoS is the name of a family of software application products from the MAN Diesel group. CoCoS (computer controlled surveillance), comprises two individual software products:CoCoS Maintenance and CoCoS EDS (engine diagnostics system). Reliability is the key word for today’s marine diesel engines. Vessels need to be kept precisely on schedule, with minimum operating costs and the greatest degree of safety. Safe and stable running of the engine is crucial to a timely arrival at the next port of destination.

“Together with reliability, the minimizing of life-cycle operating costs for engine and auxiliary systems is nowadays of a major interest to owners and operators,” said Stefan Quast, MAN Diesel. “In combination with increasing market demands for emission reductions, the urgency for investments in new technologies is today apparent.” Maintaining a high availability requires an extensive knowledge of the engine data in order to properly interpret changes in operating parameters. Sometimes such expert knowledge can be difficult to find onboard. As a natural consequence of this, MAN Diesel decided to develop computerized tools in order to assist the operators of largebore diesel engines. The CoCoS system supports operators with functionality of operating value based diagnostics.

The engine diagnostics system CoCoS EDS is a diagnostic tool dedicated to assisting in the performance evaluation of MAN Diesel and Pielstick diesel engines. The diagnostic capabilities of the tool are based on MAN Diesel’s expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of diesel engines, accumulated over more than a century.

“Of course reduced running costs and an increased availability have a positive economical effect on the operation. We are continuously revising and improving our engine designs for maintainability and also our maintenance philosophies, and maintenance systems from an overall perspective,” said Quast. The CoCoS Maintenance has been supplied to many of MAN Diesel’s clients as a standard maintenance system configured with engine data and ready to use after installation. The system utilizes the extensive engine data base maintained by MAN Diesel, allowing the use of specific data for a particular engine.

“Default operation to failure is typically the most expensive and least effective form of maintenance strategy,” said Quast. “A comprehensive maintenance strategy includes a blend of reactive, preventive and proactive elements based on the specific circumstances, probability and consequences (risk) of failure.”

Together with CoCoS Maintenance, the CoCoS EDS provides for an automated, predictive maintenance, which is demanded by many plant operators and ship owners. The system — which is already being widely used today — offers an increased functionality and, it’s believed, will gain more importance in the future.

The EDS performs logging, monitoring and storing of engine performance data and trends, and provides diagnostics of operating states for a timely detection of irregularities. Diagnoses are made from information that compares data from actual engine operation to nominal data values and other reference conditions. Various validity checks and model analyses are done as part of the diagnosis process.

To obtain the full benefits of the principal features of CoCoS EDS, it should have online connections to the alarm system and other data acquisition systems. However, the manual input facilities make it possible to utilize the tool for offline equipment. Said Quast, “CoCoS Maintenance system effectively plans conditionbased preventive and corrective maintenance work and creates comprehensive work orders. It also offers an integrated stock handling with an easy overview of the availability of spare parts and ensures precise spare part identification.” Since early 2006, the CoCoS Plant Maintenance System has a type approval by DNV.

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