Lydall buys microporous business

Lydall Inc is to acquire the microporous membrane division of Royal DSM, a global life sciences and materials sciences company. Financial details have not been disclosed. DSM’s Solutech division, established in 1993, is the manufacturer of Solupor specialty microporous membranes for air and liquid filtration. These membranes are suitable for a range of applications, including […]

Life cycle costs of pumping stations

Analysis of the life cycle costs for pumping systems provides an invaluable basis for decision-making as well as offering insights into resource use. Here, Mariusz Cieslak of Enterprise Rail examines the real case of a group of pumping stations operating as part of the local watersupply system to provide water to high-rise dwellings. Calculation of […]

A solution for high-head applications

Gorman-Rupp recently launched new engine-driven pumps as part of its Ultra V Series®. Built upon the foundation of the Super T Series®, the Ultra V Series pumps are most suitable for high-head applications where traditional self-priming trash pumps fall short. The new engine-driven Ultra V Series pumps can handle a maximum capacity of 1,825 gpm […]

Chromatographic column eliminates pre-filtration

Developer of customised industrial scale separation technologies, Upfront Chromatography A/S, has launched the MabDirect MM Fixed-D 50 ml, a disposable chromatographic column based on the Rhobust™, the company’s Expanded Bed Adsorption (EBA) platform. The pre-sanitised antibody purification columns have been designed to eliminate the need for pre-filtration steps often required by columns, and in addition […]