Siemens has announced plans to develop a seawater desalination technology which aims to reduce energy consumption by 50% compared with many desalination technologies currently on the market.

The development of advanced desalination technology has been awarded a S$4 million research grant by Singapore ‘s Environment and Water Industry Development Council (EWI).

Siemens will use the research grant to develop the technology at the company’s Singapore-based global R&D centre. EWI’s challenge required demonstration of energy consumption of 1.5 kWh/m3, which Siemens say is about half of what has been demonstrated with the best available technology. In comparison to most of the actual operating desalination plants which consume as much as 10kWh/m3, the reduction could be even higher.

Chuck Gordon, CEO of Siemens Water Technologies said: ” We truly consider this developing technology a breakthrough in the desalination market.

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