ITT’s subsidiary, Lowara, has recently launched an efficient grinder pump for the domestic sewage market. The DOMO GRI has been designed to deliver domestic sewage, liquids containing solids or fibres, and wastewater from residential buildings to the sewer mains or a pressurized sewer network.

Lowara reports that the DOMO GRI is of particular use in farm areas, small villages and homes built in remote areas where the conventional gravity sewage network is too expensive to commission. The company says the pumps are particularly effective where the sewer mains is located at high level or where the ground level is variable.

IFAT also bought the news of Lowara’s PLM range of motors. Initially launched early in 2008 to power Lowara’s multistage pumps, the electric PLM motors have efficiency values that fall within the range normally referred to as efficiency 1 and comply with the targets set by a voluntary standard.

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