Caprari has introduced the K-Kompact series, a new range of electric pumps designed to treat civil and industrial wastewater and for installation in a dry chamber with a surface motor.

The pumps are designed for use where space is at a premium. Available in over 80 different models, both horizontal and vertical versions take up the least possible ground area. The flow rates extend to 300 litres/sec and the head up to 70 m. The power rating is up to 37 kW with a standard IP55 electric motor and standardised flanging is also supplied with the pump.

According to Caprari, water treatment and sewage pumping are the main sectors in which these pumps can be used, for applications such as denitrification and nitrification phases, sludge re-circulation and filter flushing. More specifically the series is suitable for the textile, paper-making, iron and steel, tanning, food, ceramic and marble-working sectors.

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