Siemens Energy has delivered the first two of five massive coal gasifiers—each with a thermal capacity of 500 MW—to Shenua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co.’s coal-topolypropylene plant (SNCG) in China. The gasifiers, which are 59 feet long with an inside diameter of about 10 feet, weigh 20 tons and are capable of gasifying up to 2,000 tons of coal daily. Gasification takes place in a cylindrical reaction chamber at temperatures above the coalash fusion temperature.

Finely ground fuel that is introduced with a mixture of oxygen, and steam via a burner at the head of he reactor is converted within a few seconds into raw syngas consisting mainly of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and water (Figure 5). Though SNCG will use the five-gasifier lant to produce about 19 million cubic feet of syngas for conversion in downstream processes to polypropylene plastic, the technology can effectively be used for power generation in integrated gasification combined-cycle plants, Siemens said.

Siemens produced the gasifiers in about 18 months, beginning work soon after it acquired the technology for the gasification of fossil raw materials from the Swiss company Sustec Holding AG in 2006.

Coal gasifier.jpg

As recently delivered to a coal-to-polypropylene plant in China, Siemens Energy’s newest 500-MW gasifier is capable of gasifying 2,000 tons of coal daily. Finely ground fuel introduced via a burner at the head of the reactor is instantly converted into raw syngas. Solidified clinker granules can be removed via a material lock at the foot of the quenching chamber.

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