German-based Imes has announced the development of a new variant in its successful range of HTT cylinder pressure sensors, designed to meet the demands of continuous operation on diesel and gas engines. The company has sold over 7000 HTT sensors since 2001 for applications in closed-loop engine control.


IMES has introduced a new variant to its new HTT range of cylinder
pressure sensors.

The new HTT-04 sensor offers a robust construction and is well suited to monitoring and control tasks. According to the manufacturer, it offers long-term stability and thermodynamic properties compared to piezoelectric reference sensors. The HTT long-life cylinder pressure sensor has been designed to be mounted directly at the cylinder head and for long-term, continuous operation at pressures and temperatures up to 300 bar and 300°C.

The company underlined that endurance tests on a range of engines have revealed only minor drifts in the span and offset of measured data. Image also offers a new serial interface at the signal conditioning unit that is an ideal complement to the new sensor. The new interface is utilized for reading out maximum pressure and maximum temperature values, as well as the run time over preset temperature limit, and can be used with the sensor interface box for activating or deactivating offset compensation.

The HTT sensor head is available in a range of reach lengths and different cable lengths between the sensor head and the SCU. The HTT sensor features an armoured steel cable for installation in particularly harsh operating environments.

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