The world market for large-scale reverse osmosis systems will increase nearly 50% over next 4 years, according to McIlvaine Company forecasts.

The McIlvaine Company has completed an online report which projects that, worldwide, there will be a 45-50% increase in sales of large-scale reverse osmosis (RO) systems over the next 4 years. In its online report RO, UF, and MF World Markets, McIlvaine forecasts that world RO equipment and membrane sales will reach USD$5.6 billion in 2012, compared to USD$3.8 billion in 2008.

President of McIlvaine Company, Robert McIlvaine commented:”We’ve been watching three different market segments as major drivers of RO sales growth: semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and desalination. Of these, we expect to see the greatest growth in the area of desalination, especially in Asia and the Middle East.”

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