A new generation of LED-technology rotational speed indicators has been introduced to the market of large diesel engines by the German company Rheintacho Messtechnik GmbH. According to the manufacturer, these new indicators, called LEDVIS, can be used directly on any machine or control system where high vibration resistance is required and represent a viable alternative
to indicators sensitive to vibrations.

Speed Indicators

The rotational speed indicators by Rheintacho with LED technology offer an immediate and clear view of speed variation. These instruments are available in square and round shapes and with different indicator scales.

Rheintacho explained that the LED display of the new LEDVIS series offers a special illumination that makes it easy to read in every light condition. The indicators come in different shapes, round or square, and also with different indicator scales that can be tailored to each application.

The company also added that these indicators are usually operated with a normal input signal of zero to 10 V and the inputs are individually configurable. Rheintacho also offers an adjustment kit for on-site final balancing. The German manufacturer commented that the new LEDVIS series has already been chosen by well-known large diesel engine manufacturers, which appreciate the ease of LED reading, without depending on a trembling needle.

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