Atlas Copco has announced that it will run a worldwide ‘roadshow’ to showcase its new GA 90-160 kW range of energy-efficient oil-injected compressors. The company claims the range’s Specific Energy Requirement (SER) is the best performer on the market, using up to 11% less electricity than the previous GA models.

The roadshow will start in Antwerp, Belgium on 4 June and will be followed by events in North America, South America and Asia , and will offer visitors the possibility to view, in 3D, the GA range.

All compressor components in the range were re-engineered in order to achieve energy savings wherever possible. The compressor is able to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 55oC, and operates at a maximum noise level of 71 dBA. According to Atlas Copco, the GA is the first oil-injected compressor in the world to integrate the water separator into the compressed air cooling system. Reducing internal pressure drops by 50%, this design change contributed 2% to overall compressor energy efficiency.

Interested customers wishing to participate should contact their local Atlas Copco customer centre in order to request an invitation.

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