Recently, San Diego, California, U.S.A.-based Solar Turbines Incorporated released information on what will be the latest addition to its Titan family of gas turbines — the Titan 250. This addition will extend the power output of Solar’s product range to 22.4 MW.

Solar Gas Turbine

Titan 250, Solar Turbines Incorporated’s latest addition to its Titan family of gas turbines. The turbine will extend the power output of Solar’s product range to 22.4 MW and will be offered for use in compressor sets, as a mechanical drive package and in generator drive sets.

The Titan 250 will be offered for use in compressor sets, as a mechanical drive package and in generator drive sets. The units, like other Solar Turbines products, will be produced using operations certified by DNV to conform to ISO 9001 series of quality systems standards. Based on proven technologies from other Solar models, when in production the Titan 250 will be Solar’s most powerful gas turbine package.

According to the company, it will produce 50% more power in the same footprint as the Titan 130, while providing 40% shaft efficiency with emissions reduced by 30%. According to published specifications, the Titan 250 gas turbine is an industrial, two-shaft design. It uses an axial, 16-stage compressor with variable inlet guide vanes and five variable guide vanes. With a compression ratio of 24:1, inlet airflow is measured at 67.3 kg/sec and it has a maximum speed of 10 500 r/min. Like the Titan 130, and the Mars and Taurus turbine families, it incorporates a vertically split case.

The combustion chamber uses technology proven in Solar’s other gas turbines and consists of an annular-type, lean-premixed, dry, low emission design with SoLoNOx technology. It uses 14 fuel injectors and a torch ignitor system. The Titan 250 is designed to operate on a broad range of gaseous and liquid fuels. The turbines used in compression or mechanical drive packages will include a natural gas fuel system while those configured as generator drives will include a natural gas or dual (gas/distillate) system.

The gas generator turbine section is a two-stage, reaction design with a maximum speed rating of 10 500 r/min. It incorporates a tilting-pad, active thrust bearing, and a fixed tapered land, inactive thrust bearing. The power turbine section is a three-stage reaction type. It has a maximum speed rating of 7000 r/min and uses a full tilting-pad thrust bearing.

The turbine’s journal bearings are of a tilting-pad design. The compressor coatings are said to be inorganic aluminum, while the turbine and nozzle blades use precious metal diffusion aluminide. Hot section technology and turbine aerodynamics are derived from the Taurus 65. The turbine also uses design cues from the Titan 130 for in situ reparability and hot section durability.

Performance monitoring equipment will be installed on the turbine, including vibration transducer type proximity probes. For gas pipeline applications, the Titan 250 seems to be designed to match up with Solar’s latest centrifugal compressor — the C85. According to information available from Solar, this compressor will be available in singleor two-stage configurations with a rated pressure of 11 040 kPa; a maximum flow of 1275 m3/min; a minimum flow of 230 m3/min; and a maximum total head of 95 kj/kgm.

The preliminary performance data for the Titan 250 gas turbine in compressor and mechanical drive packages published by Solar lists a power output of 22 370 kW and a heat rate of 9000 kJ/kW-hr — the gas turbine generator set configuration lists a power output of 21 745 kWe and a heat rate of 9260 kJ/kW-hr. All three packages list an exhaust flow of 245 660 kg/hr and an exhaust temperature of 465°C.

Typical package dimensions for the compressor set are 15.8 m long, by 3.7 m wide, by 4.15 m tall and a weight of 140 620 kg. The mechanical drive package is listed at 10.3 m long, by 3.7 m wide, by 4.15 m tall with a weight of 50 620 kg. The generator set package dimensions are 18.1 m long, by 3.7 m wide, by 4.15 m tall. This package is expected to weigh approximately 140 620 kg.

According to information from Solar, the different packages will sit on a modularized skid design system featuring drip pans on the driver skid. Included are 316L stainless-steel piping and ompression-type tube fittings. The skids will also feature digital display panels and multiple electrical systemoptions depending on the application.

The packages will include the Turbotronic microprocessor control system with multiple options for programming, control, monitoring and diagnostics. Also included is the latest evolution of the InSight System remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics package. The system includes advanced diagnostics, condition monitoring, remote troubleshooting, e-mail alert notifications, predictive recommendations and equipment operation summary reports.

The turbine starter is a direct-drive a.c. unit. An integrated lube oil system includes a turbine-driven main pump, a.c. motor-driven pre/post pump and d.c. motor-driven backup pump. Oil cooler and heaters are optional. An axial compressor cleaning system features on-crank or on-line capability with a portable cleaning tank.

Speed increasing or decreasing gearboxes are available where applicable for the compressor and mechanical drive packages. For the generator set package, an epicyclic-type reduction drive will be available with an accessory power takeoff. These gearboxes will be set at 1500 r/min for 50 Hz units and 1800 r/min for 60 Hz units.

Also in the generator set package, the turbine will be matched to a 50 or 60 Hz, 6600 to 13 800 Va.c., salient pole, three-phase, six-wire, Wye connected synchronous generator with permanent magnet generator exciter. Open drip-proof, totally enclosed airto-air cooled and totally enclosed water-to-air cooled configurations are listed as available.

The air inlet and exhaust system can be specified with carbon or stainlesssteel materials with marine-type filters if required. Also available are an enclosure and associated options. Optional modifications for floating production applications are available on the compressor and mechanical drive packages.

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