The Business Unit Engines of the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group, located in Nuremberg, Germany, provides the group’s core competence in the research, development, production and supply of diesel and gas engines with an output range of 47 to 1140 kW for use in rail traction, marine and electric power generation applications, as well as automotive applications and for installation into the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group’s own line of trucks and buses.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge D 2842 LE

The MAN Nutzfahrzeuge D 2842 LE is a 12-cylinder Vee-configuration diesel engine, with common rail injection, delivering 588 kW at 1800 r/min. The engine is used in rail traction applications.

The four series of products, D08, D20, D26 and D28,include engines from four-cylinder, inline configuration units up to engines with 12 cylinders in a Vee-configuration.

The company’s production of diesel engines for rail traction applications aims not only at applications in small locomotives with conventional installations and railcars with underfloor engine installations having outputs ranging from 110 to 662 kW, but also in working equipment for track and overhead line maintenance. Included in the product portfolio are also “onboard” gen-sets supplying trains with electricity.

The latest development from MAN engines is the D 2842 LE 622, a Vee-configuration, 12-cylinder, common rail engine with an output of 588 kW at 1800 r/min, that achieves its maximum torque of 3350 Nm at 1350 r/min.

MAN says that its engines meet the EG Stage 3a emissions, thanks to special development together with a common rail injection system of the latest generation, without any aftertreatment such as SCR and a diesel particle filter. One of the company’s key development paths is to pursue a continuously improved combustion process and engine performance.

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