GE Energy’s mammoth Baglan Bay gasfired station, near Port Talbot in South Wales, will also be up for sale by the end of the year (Figure-1). GE Energy plans to put an estimated price tag of $986 million on the 500-MW plant so it can concentrate on plans to build and operate proposed nuclear stations in Britain, according to the Western Mail, a Welsh publication. GE has not yet issued a public statement regarding the planned sale.

general electric power systems

The Baglan Bay station installed the first GE 50-Hz Frame 9H system.

film cooling, the H system recently surpassed 24,000 hours of service.Since 2003, three 50-Hz systems gas turbines have been installed at the Futtsu Thermal Power Station in Japan. They are scheduled to enter commercial operation this year.GE has also installed its first 60-Hz version of the technology at the $500 million Inland Empire Energy Center in southern California. The two 107H combined-cycle systems are expected to produce a total of 775 MW when the plant comes on-line this summer.

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