BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc is to begin the second of six potential water treatment projects identified in its November 2006 joint venture agreement with Jiangxi Copper Company (JCC), China’s largest copper producer.

The first project by the the joint venture company, JCC-BioteQ Environmental Technologies Co Ltd, was the plant at JCC’s Dexing site, and this is now operational. The joint venture has since initiated work on the second project, located at JCC’s Yinshan mine site in Jiangxi Province. The first stage of this second project has been approved and a design report is to be conducted jointly by BioteQ and JCC to define the scope of the Yinshan project, including plant capacity and cost estimates.

The timing of the project is subject to approval of the design report, detailed engineering, and permit requirements for a planned expansion of the Yinshan Mine site by JCC.

The joint venture agreement with JCC includes a license contract where BioteQ provides its patented technology on a royalty-free basis to the joint venture company for use at the Dexing site as well as five additional sites owned and operated by JCC. JCC is reportedly the first mining company in China to use the BioteQ technology within its mining operations.

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