The Process Filtration division of Parker Hannifin has launched the NitroSource HiFluxx, the latest addition to its range of industrial nitrogen generators.

Parker Hannifin says the NitroSource HiFluxx enables companies in a wide variety of industries to take control of their nitrogen supply, cut costs and improve productivity.

Incorporating Parker Hannifin’s hollow fibre membrane technology, the NitroSource generator, reportedly, enables up to 99.5% purity nitrogen to be separated from a central compressed air stream, removing both the space needed to store gas in bottles or silos and also the reliance on external gas suppliers.According to the company, this enables the cost of obtaining a constant supply of nitrogen to be both reduced and regulated as production is brought in house.

The NitroSource HiFluxx industrial generator is modular in design making it simple to expand. Parker Hannifin says each unit has the capacity to produce up to 5000 Nm

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