Flow metering and control technology company, Bronkhorst UK, has launched its compact electromagnetic flowmeter in the UK.

Also available with an integral PID controller for flow control duties, Bronkhorst says the Miniature-Mag series is suitable for measuring liquids with a low conductivity down to 5 microSiemens/cm, even as low as 0.1µS/cm for some applications, and for handling flow rates between 1 litre/hr and 3,000 l/hr.

Intended mainly for smaller bore installations and capable of being used on pipework bends rather than just straight runs, the Miniature-Mag series is available for internal pipe diameters between 1.5 mm and 12 mm and features empty meter detection for when there is insufficient flow.

Many magnetic flowmeters require electrodes to be placed within the fluid path, often clogging up with sticky substances. According to Bronkhorst, Miniature-Mag sensors do not restrict the flow path, giving 100% full bore flow. It is this combination of features, claims Bronkhorst, which makes its flowmeter ideal for many industrial and hygiene-critical applications, such as brewing, food processing, the dairy industry, agriculture, cosmetics and chemical dosing in water treatment processes.


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