Marine Diesels Zibo Diesel Engine Factory produces its 8000, LB6250, LB6250 and N330 series of medium-speed marine diesel engines. The four-stroke, direct-injection, reversible or irreversible, turbocharged and aftercooled or nonturbocharged engines of the 8000 series are available in an eight-cylinder configuration. The 18 models of this engine series have a bore x stroke of 300 […]

Material differences and gasket efficiency in low load conditions

Many factors affect the performance of the ubiquitous gaskets that provide critical seals between pipe segments and ensure the satisfactory operation of a broad range of industrial equipment. But no factor is more important than compressive load. Jim Drago from Garlock Sealing Technologies looks at how different gasket materials can cope in low load conditions. […]

Abrasive material transfer pump

Moyno has launched the 2000 CC® close-coupled pump which, according to the company, has powerful pumping capabilities that can enhance performance and extend service life to reduce bottom line costs. The 2000 CC pump, Moyno says, has space-saving compact size and rugged gear joint drive design that offers cost-effective, dependable pumping action. All internal parts […]

Longer life for submersible pump

Global Energy Services Ltd has announced the extended run life of its Hydraulic Submersible Pump (HSP). The HSP has recently achieved two year run life in a horizontal Coalbed Methane (CBM) well for a CBM producer. This is the longest running downhole pump for this CBM producer. According to Global Energy, of the 40 HSP […]

Compact electromagnetic flowmeter

Flow metering and control technology company, Bronkhorst UK, has launched its compact electromagnetic flowmeter in the UK. Also available with an integral PID controller for flow control duties, Bronkhorst says the Miniature-Mag series is suitable for measuring liquids with a low conductivity down to 5 microSiemens/cm, even as low as 0.1µS/cm for some applications, and […]

Canned motor venture

KSB and the Japanese company Nikkiso are planning to establish a joint-venture company near Frankfurt, Germany this summer. The partners will each hold a 50% interest in the new company, which will focus on providing canned motor pumps for Europe and the Middle East. The joint venture company aims to design and build a new […]