Hayward Tyler Services, a division of Hayward Tyler Ltd, has been selected by Pakistan ‘s Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) to provide it with three customised reverse-engineered Byron Jackson cooling water pumps (BJCW).

This is the second occasion that Hayward Tyler has received an order from WAPDA to reverse engineer BJCW pumps. WAPDA placed its first order in 2005 following a successful technical study carried out by Hayward Tyler to analyse the feasibility of reverse engineering piece parts of the BJCW pumps. To meet the needs of WAPDA, Hayward Tyler engineers developed technique to reverse engineer the obsolete impellors of the pumps. To date, both BJCW pump orders are valued at £247,000.

Mark Drayton, Operations Manager of Hayward Tyler Services, said:

“Hayward Tyler reverse engineers a wide range of obsolete parts for all kinds of pumps. This particular project has been a great opportunity for us to expand our overhaul and customisation portfolio and we look forward to working with WAPDA again in the future.”

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