Engine Technology

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has said that UEC two-stroke marine engines installed by major global ship owners have employed ECL system (electric controlled cylinder lubrication) in 273 cylinders with a maximum of 18 000 hours of operation followed by the service record, which has shown excellent ring and liner condition with a Lube Oil Consumption (LOC) of 0.65 g/PSh.

In addition, MHI has said that MET Turbocharger has demonstrated its new model, hybrid turbocharger MET 42 MAG, of which the prototype has successfully completed the shop trial. The test has revealed the compactly attached generator output as 250 kW for 5 MW class diesel engines along with boosting the air pressure to 0.26 bar, and its motoring mode substituting the auxiliary blower. The MET 83 MAG will be developed for the marine market.

Business Alliances

MHl has agreed to form a business alliance in low-speed diesel engines for marine use with Diesel United (DU), a subsidiary of Ishikawajima-Harima Industries (lHl). In addition to developing, producing and granting licenses for Mitsubishi UE diesel engines, which are Japan’s only independently developedlow-speed diesel engines, MHI is also engaged in the production of Wärtsilä low-speed diesel engines. DU, on the other hand, is Japan’s largest licensee for Wärtsilä low-speed diesel engines. Both MHI and DU have production centers located in Hyogo Prefecture and they plan to take full advantage of this by forming a business alliance.

MHl and DU are already engaged in technological exchange for large Wärtsilä low-speed diesel engines for marine use.In August 2005, MHI formed a strategic business alliance with low-speed diesel engines for marine use with the Finnish company and currently creating a joint venture for a production center in Qingdao, China. Through this business alliance in the fields of production and after-sales service, further synergy should be created.

In addition, MHl has concluded alicense agreement to provide the technology for the Mitsubishi UE low-speed diesel engines for marine use to Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Plant (YMD), which belongs to the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. (CSlC) group. The agreement covers small and medium lowspeed diesel engines for marine use with cylinder bores of 500 mm or less.

The plan is for YMD to produce and deliver its first engine by the end of 2008. MHI also announced the establishment of a regional headquarters to manage its overseas engine business in Asia in Singapore. The new company is aimed at expanding MHI’s after-sales servicing operations for medium- and large-sized engines in Asia in response to strong market demand.

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