Netzsch’s iFD Stator dual-stator system is now fitted as standard to all NM Series pumps with a nominal rotor diameter between 21 mm and 63 mm. The dual-stator system, which was launched in 2007, comprises a stator and stator housing that the company says offers improved capacity, economy and environmental protection. It is compatible with all Nemo pumps from the NM series and can prolong stator lifetime and reduces lifecycle costs due to its manoeuvrability within the two-part re-usable housing. The use of a separate housing and stator means that, when worn, only the stator needs to be replaced and is therefore more easily disposed of.

During assembly, the over-sized stator easily slides over the rotor, allowing the optimum operating dimension to be achieved through axial constriction. Its reduced initial breakaway torque allows for the selection of smaller pump drives, which means that investment costs and energy consumption are reduced.

The iFD-Stator can be adjusted to process parameters such as temperature, working pressure and continuous wear compensation, which can also result in extended stator and rotor life. It is manufactured to tight production tolerances, is available with S and L geometries and is capable of transferring media at rates from 0.5 to 50 m3/h at pressures of up to 12 bar.

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