Grundfos has developed a multi-function valve with two diaphragms for Grundfos Alldos dosing pumps up to 60 l/h. The valve, which combines four functions – pressure loading, pressure relief, deaeration and drain – is directly mounted on the dosing valve. Grundfos says that the multi-function valve simplifies the handling of the pump and ensures process reliability.

If the system has not enough backpressure, the new multi-function valve can maintain the backpressure at the level which is necessary for the pump. In addition it protects the pressure-side dosing line system from an excessive pressure build-up. The pump can be deaerated and the pressure-side piping system can be drained via the multi-function valve.

Pressure loading is freely adjustable between 1 and 4 bar, with pressure relief between 7 and 18 bar. The multi-function valve can be used with all the company’s dosing pumps (with plastics dosing heads) up to 50 l/h and 60 l/h respectively and up to 16 bar backpressure.


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