Edwards has developed a mechanical oil-free vacuum system for degassing steel alloys that it says offers savings in energy costs of more than 90% compared to traditional steam ejector systems.

The system has been launched before January 2008 when Phase II of the EU Energy Trading Scheme (Directive 2003/87/EC2) comes into force. Under Phase ll the scope of the scheme is to be expanded to include all greenhouse gases, not just CO2 as now. Companies running energy intensive processes may well find themselves liable for significantly increased ‘offsetting’ costs as a result.

The new dry pumping system from Edwards consists of HV30000, SN7000 and IDX1000 pumps arranged in three stages, pre-mounted, piped and fully wired on a two-part skid. Each skid is nominally capable of vacuum degassing around 23 tonnes of steel, so a number of skids can be mounted in parallel and integrated with the steel degassing tank to suit the required ladle size, typically up to 160 tonnes or more.


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