Edwards has launched the EXT406PX, a turbomolecular pump for laboratory vacuum systems which is reportedly the first pump of its kind that combines turbomolecular and drag stages with a fluid dynamic stage, making it possible to achieve the same gas flow using a smaller backing pump.

The EXT406PX has developed for use in combination with a backing pump of smaller capacity, resulting in a vacuum system which consumes less power than comparable systems. The company says that incorporating the pump in a system makes the system capable of withstanding high backing pressures even with continuous gas loads at the main inlet.

“Our patented EXT406PX turbo pump means customers are able to reduce the size of the backing pump used in the system, without compromising the performance of the turbo pumped system. [This results in] a reduced vacuum package size and lower running costs,” says Ian Olsen, Edwards product manager for scientific turbo pumps.

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