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The Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory currently offers three mediumspeed engine series. Development work continues on the G32 series; the target is to produce variants of maximum output exceeding 3729 kW. The two major series 320 and 230 have both been awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate by the IMO and are hence affirmed to be
environmentally friendly equipment.

The marine application G32 diesel

Guangzhou Diesel Engine

The 320 series is a marine diesel engine family that can operate diesel fuel or on heavy fuel oil of 180cst/50 or lower viscosity. The product line consists of the 6320 Zcd-2, 6320 ZCd-4, 6320 ZCd-6, inline, six-cylinder engines; 8320 ZCd-4 8320 ZCd-6, ZCd-8, eight-cylinder, inline; and 12V320 ZCd 12-cylinder, Vee-configuration engines. The engine family has a maximum output range of 1213 to 2669 kW. The engines are available with a bore of 320 mm.

The 230 series marine diesels can also operate on diesel or heavy fuel oil of 180cst/50 or lower viscosity. The engine family includes the two, sixcylinder, inline variants; the 6230ZC and 6230ZC-4 with maximum outputs of 891 and 1056 kW outputs. The other two engines, the 8230ZC and 8230ZC-4 are eight-cylinder, inline models with maximum outputs of 1188 and 1408 kW. The engines are available with a bore of 230 mm.

The G32 series diesel engine is available in two models, the 6G32 and the 8G32 that are designed to run on dieselfuel or heavy oil of 380cst/50 or Redwood No.1 of 350 sec/100 viscosity. The engines use an inline configuration with a bore x stroke of 320 x 480 mm. The 6G32 is a six-cylinder engine with a rated maximum output of 2665 kW. The 8G32 is an eight-cylinder engine with arated maximum output of 3552 kW.

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