Product Line Expansion:
Recently, Fairbanks Morse Engine expanded its engine portfolio by announcing the addition of the Fairbanks Morse FM-MAN 28/33D diesel engine to its line through an exclusive license agreement with MAN Diesel. The engine will be manufactured, assembled and tested in Beloit, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Fairbanks Morse Engine

The FM-MAN 28/33D diesel engine.

The FM-MAN 28/33D, mediumspeed diesel engine is available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder, Vee-configurations. The engine has an output range of 5400 to 9000 kW of continuous power at 1000 r/min and is available formarine mechanical drive and generator set applications. Further, it incorporates advanced electronic fuel injection for fuel consumption of <190 g/kWh and NOx emissions <10 g/kWh. Reduced component count and a 32 000-hour overhaul interval are said to significantly improve reliability and minimize maintenance costs.

Alternative Fuels
The company has also announced the approval to utilize up to B100 (100% biodiesel) in its Opposed Piston(OP) Model 38D 8 1/8 diesel and dualfuel engines for continuous operation. Extensive tests have demonstrated that utilizing B100 fuels that comply with the ASTM D6751 testing and specification had little impact on fuel consumption and power ratings, and had positive impacts on emissions. For specific engine applications and utilization, operators should contact Fairbanks Morse Engine.

Distribution Agreements

Also this past year, the company announced a joint decision to end the FM/ALCO spare parts distribution agreement with National Rail Equipment Co. (NREC). Under the agreement, Fairbanks Morse Engine will assume responsibility for all FM/ALCO 215 engine parts sales to the locomotive industry, which was previously served by NREC. NREC will continue to be a customer, but will no longer be an authorized spare parts distributor for Fairbanks Morse Engine.

Since 1994, when Fairbanks Morse Engine acquired the ALCO dieselengine design from GE, they have been manufacturing FM/ALCO engines and genuine OEM parts for the marine, locomotive and stationary power markets.

New Contracts

Fairbanks Morse Engine has also reported new naval-related business for new engines and service. The company received an order from Northrop Grumman Ship Systems to supply the generator sets for LHA 6. The order consists of six, Fairbanks Morse Colt-Pielstick 12-cylinder, PA6B diesel generators rated at 4200 kW each to provide electrical power for auxiliary propulsion and ship’s service. LHA 6 is scheduled to be delivered in 2012.

The company also reported it will install low-load upgrade kits on the LSD-41/49 class of U.S. Navy ships following a US$4 million federal spending plan. The decision to upgrade the engines is based on a successful proof-of-concept trial of low-load upgrade kits on the U.S.S. Oak Hill (LSD-51) for its Fairbanks Morse Opposed Piston (OP) engines that provide ship electrical service. Additionally, the U.S. Coast Guard has been successfully operating with the engine upgrades since 2004 on the Katmai Bay (WTGB 101) and the Penobscot Bay (WTGB 107).

The upgrade kit is designed to extend the service life of the engines, while at the same time reduce emissions and lower lube oil and fuel consumption rates, resulting in cost savings
and increased reliability for the U.S. Navy.

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