Deutz diesel gnerators

TCG 2020 V16 OLS.

As part of its strategic refocusing, in the last 12 months Deutz Power Systems (DPS) has continuously improved all the gas engine products and launched new models to reinforce its technological leadership in this business.

DPS has achieved a further improvement on the efficiency of the TCG 2016 B. This engine type specifically designed for non-natural gas operation now reaches an electrical efficiency of up to 41.5%. When compared to the previous model introduced in 2006 this means for a 500 kWe plant working on biogas, a yearly savings of approximately 200 tons per year of biomass for biogas production.

For the TCG 2020 engine series DPS has released the new TCG 2020 OLS designed paying special attention to improved load step capability, higher flexibility for operation under “non-ISO 3046 conditions,” higher flexibility for operation with lower methane number and maximizing scheduled maintenance intervals. This resulted in a new gas generating set with TCG 2020 V12 OLS that has 1125 kWe output and the TCG 2020 V16 OLS with a 1500 kWe output.

Additionally, and in order to also meet the special requirements for the 60 Hz markets, DPS has released specially designed generating sets using a speed increaser between engine and generator to allow the generator to turn at 1800 r/min and subsequently to produce 60 Hz electricity, even if the engine operates at 1500 r/min.

Since the 2016 engine series runs at 1800 r/min and the series 2032 at 900 r/min, DPS can now offer the complete range of gas engines between 180 kW and 3600 kW also for 60 Hz operation without any gap in its portfolio. The series TCG 2032 has been further developed to meet market requirements.

The TCG 2032 engine reaches full nominal output of 4000 kW with a lower methane number of 70 instead of 80. This enables the use of this engine type at full load in further regions around the world where the gas composition results in a higher gas-knocking possibility.

Also, the lube oil consumption of all the DPS gas engines has been significantly improved. The 1500 r/min engines now have a nominal lube oil consumption of 0.2 g/kWh (at full load); the 1000 r/min engine series has a lube oil consumption value of 0.3 g/kWh (at full load). This reduction allows the further reduction of operational costs.

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