Telemecanique, a brand of Schneider Electric, has developed a range of variable speed drives for pumps and fans. According to the company, the drives incorporate as standard a comprehensive range of functions for use with pumps and fans, and featuring an innovative design that minimises harmonic generation.

Altivar 21 drives can help save energy and eliminate inconvenient and often unreliable mechanical flow and pressure control devices, such as valves, throttles and diverters and are available in three-phase versions with ratings from 0.75kW to 75kW, and can be supplied as IP20 units for mounting within control panels, or as IP54 models which require no additional enclosure.

Compared with general-purpose industrial drives, all types use a reduced value of DC-link capacitor, which means that harmonic generation is minimised. EMC performance is optimised by integral filters, which simplify the installation of the drives and save space by eliminating the need for externally mounted filters.

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