Heavy metals: Saving costs on mill scale transportation

Transporting mill scale with water to create a continuous recycling loop can reduce costs by eliminating manual handling and allowing continuous operation in a smaller space. A steel mill in Avesta, Sweden make use of dewaterers, separators and filters to achieve this. Today, strict environmental regulations require companies in Northern Europe to clean spent process […]

Metering pump with leak detection

Blue-White Industries has developed a new metering pump, the CHEM-PRO™ C2 Series. The C2 can incorporate a low flow diaphragm for feed/output up to 97 LPH or a high flow diaphragm unit with a maximum output of 142.7 LPH. Both have a maximum working pressure of 10.3 bar. Features of the CHEM-PRO C2 pump include […]

Ultrafiltration in a water bottle

A water bottle containing an ultrafiltration system has been developed that can remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other waterborne pathogens without the aid of chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. The 6000 litre Lifesaver bottle, manufactured by Lifesaver Systems, also incorporates ‘Failsafe’ technology which, when the cartridge has expired, shuts the system […]