Navajo Generating Station is preparing its new birth soon

Navajo power Station

Notorious coal-fired Navajo Generating Station shut its doors, when a massive renewable energy project jumps in to take its place. We’re talking about the proposed Navajo Energy Storage Station in Arizona, and it’s not just any old renewable energy project. It’s a 10-hour, 2,200 megawatt system, which puts it in the long duration storage category, […]

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued the long-awaited Decree of MOPR

A divided independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued the long-awaited Decree on December 19, which requires PJM Interconnect to significantly expand MOPR to resources subsidized in almost all countries. The order will have a significant impact on the PJM capacity market. While it is not surprising that this decision immediately provoked widespread reaction […]

Wärtsilä modular block solutions will replace existing diesel generators currently used in mines

Wartsila Modular Block

Wärtsilä Technology cluster has declared the primary acquisition of its innovative Wärtsilä answer for the assembly of standard power from the worldwide mobile, modular, power, temperature and power regulator Aggreko. Four mid-speed Wärtsilä module housings with a Wärtsilä 32 engine can offer forty MW of power to the Syama Mine in Mali, Africa. Agregreco ordered […]

ZF marine drive systems has introduced Intelligent Traction Control

zf marine thruster monitoring

A World Wide expert ZF in marine drive systems, has introduced Intelligent Traction Control (CMS) for thrusters. The new CMS technology monitors the condition of the propulsion system and helps shipyards, transport companies and fleet operators maintain the safety and efficiency of their vessels and extend the service life of the propulsion system. The new […]


power outages california fire

With hashtag#poweroutages predicted to continue, the potential for wildfires has sparked an interest in flexible power solutions and hashtag#microgrids near 20 substations across hashtag#California. Are scalable microgrids and distributed generation be an approach to consider? WITH MORE OUTAGES EXPECTED CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES SPARK INTEREST IN LOCAL POWER For a few days in October last year, Northern […]