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Most of you are familiar with one of the main parameters which affects most on the output and efficiency of a gas turbine, yes that is the ambient temperature. As you know, the gas turbine output depends on the mass flow of air sucked into the compressor, and mass flow is inversely proportional to the  [ Read More ]

Fuel Flexibility Critical For China Refinery: Fujian Petrochemical refinery utilizes two GE Frame 9E gas turbines by robert m. jones Robert M. Jones is manager – Syngas Power Island Products for GE Energy In the changing global energy landscape, there is growing interest in the use of nontraditional fuels or alternative fuels, as power producers  [ Read More ]

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Siemens has achieved a new world record in power plant efficiency with the SGT5-8000H gas turbine at the Irsching 4 plant in Irsching, Germany. With an output of more than 578 MW and a net efficiency level of 60.75%, Siemens has made history in the field of power plant technology, the company said. The new  [ Read More ]

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The Art Of Providing A Complete Package: Camfil Farr is a supplier of a complete filtration and acoustic package for the new Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine by bo svensson In the early days of gas turbines, the importance of clean combustion air and noise reduction was not as well understood as it is today. The  [ Read More ]

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Beating The Heat

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EagleBurgmann develops 390 mm gas seal that can withstand temperature of 250°C in Chinese blast furnace, by roberta prandi Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. awarded GE Oil & Gas a contract in 2007 to build a blast furnace gas-fired combined-cycle power plant for its steel production plant in Wuhan, China. While designing the compressors  [ Read More ]

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The Vereniging Gasturbine (VGT) has changed its name to Dutch Gas Turbine Association (DGTA). This signifies the internationalization of the gas turbine sector and of the DGTA members, a substantial part of which has a non-Dutch mother company, DGTA said. DGTA is the sector association for the gas turbine industry in the Netherlands. It acts  [ Read More ]

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