Bridgeport gas-fired plant Starts replacing the Coal Power Station

New gas fired combined cycle power plant named Bridgeport Harbor Station Unit No. 5 was officially celebrated last Monday, while it was operating since month, providing power to Fairfield County Connecticut . Bridgeport Harbor Combined Cycle Power Station owned by PSEG Power Connecticut LLC’s is using natural gas and is generating 485 MW of power […]

Flexibility And Performance

Flexibility And Performance : Staying in “tune” with changing market conditions by steve hartman Steve Hartman is general manager, Thermal Services Engineering, GE Energy.   Today’s dynamic, rapidly changing energy markets pose significant and ongoing challenges for utility executives, managers and power plant operators. As businesses seek ways to decrease costs while maintaining or growing […]

GE gas turbine technology to boost output and efficiency lower emissions

New Cogeneration Plant Helps Spanish Refinery Meet Growing Power And Steam Needs.  gas turbine technology to boost output and efficiency, lower emissions To help meet a growing demand in Europe for middle distillates such as diesel fuel and kerosene, Compañia Española de Petróleos S.A. (CEPSA) is expanding the capacity of its La Rábida refinery in […]

A single-shaft combined-cycle gas turbine generates 412 MW for Timelkam Austria

Siemens Provides Power To Austrian Town BY ROBERTO CHELLINI A single-shaft combined-cycle gas turbine generates 412 MW for Timelkam, Austria Siemens Energy has installed a combined-cycle power plant in Timelkam, Austria, a small town located between Salzburg and Linz. This plant has an installed capacity of 408 MW and will have an annual generating capacity […]