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Honeywell has developed a new ultra-low pressure sensor for HVAC applications.
The TruStability Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors HSC (High Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series and SSC (Standard Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series have high sensitivity with high overpressure and burst pressure. This technology protects the sensor and can sense very small changes in pressure. It can also work in environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Honeywell TruStability Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors HSC

“It is more difficult for a pressure sensor to maintain high levels of stability in applications that require ultra-low pressure ranges,” said AJ Smith, global product marketing manager for Honeywell Sensing and Control. “Typically, pressure sensors used for ultra-low pressure applications are more susceptible to damage due to the high pressure conditions.”

These new devices provide an amplified compensated digital or analogue output for reading pressure over the full scale pressure span in the ultra-low pressure range of ±2.5 mbar to ±40 mbar.

The are suitable for use in industrial HVAC applications, including VAV (variable air volume) control, static duct pressure, clogged HVAC filter detection, HVAC transmitters, and indoor air quality.

Source: Honeywell

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