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Kohler’s new Decision-Maker system designed for expandable paralleling capability:
Kohler Power Systems has introduced a standardized approach to paralleling backup power generation systems. The new Decision-Maker Paralleling System is a Kohler designed and branded, factory prototypetested system engineered specifically for gen-set paralleling and can be specified across Kohler’s entire line of industrial gaseous- and diesel-powered generator sets from 100 kW to 3.25 MW.

“With Decision-Maker Paralleling System, Kohler Power Systems offers an alternative to large-kilowatt single-generator backup power systems, as well as the traditionally complex, highly customized approach to paralleling,” said Jim Kukla, marketing manager, industrial generators, Kohler Power Systems. “Paralleling doesn’t need to be a complex exercise, which is why Kohler focused on developing a factory prototype-tested system. “Because Kohler took the initiative to design an end-to-end system and test each component together, specifying engineers and electrical contractors don’t need to worry about power system component interface problems and can find place of mind in the reliable redundancy, power output flexibility and system scalability attributes that define Kohler’s Decision-Maker Paralleling System.”

The new paralleling system incorporates three components the Decision-Maker 6000 control unit, a power distribution switchboard and a master control panel. In a multigenerator array, each generator comes equipped with a DEC 6000, Kohler said. The unit provides interconnected communications for power synchronization and load sharing as well as system protective functions and breaker control through system-wide monitoring of generator frequency, voltage and load. The power distribution switchboard provides a power output consolidation hub and houses the necessary breakers for the generators and loads. By combining the power from multiple generators, Kohler said the switchboard provides the final desired power output to support a facility’s electrical load needs.

Adding enhanced capability to the Decision-Maker Paralleling System, Kohler’s Master Control Panel (MCP) supports load shedding/adding based on critical load needs. Designed with a full system graphical interface, the MCP monitors system electrical and mechanical loads, and includes event logging and alarm functionality. In addition to load management, the MCP also facilitates generator management, balancing operating hours across the paralleled generator sets to equalize maintenance needs, the company said.

“The Decision-Maker Paralleling System delivers the same backup power production as a single high-output generator, but with redundancy and thus more reliability, flexibility and fuel options and in a cost-competitive manner,” Kukla said. In paralleling environments, the standby power source is backed up through having multiple generator sets at the same site. As a result, critical loads have multiple layers of redundancy and enhanced power reliability.

As a factory prototype-tested system, Kohler said the Decision-Maker Paralleling System facilitates future expansion of generator set facilities, while easing the initial capital cost of a backup power system in the near term. Specifying engineers and electrical contractors can install a genset configuration that meets a facility’s current electrical load requirements but can also expand the generator array in a streamlined fashion as power demands grow, Kohler said.


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