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Providing safe water for communities in the developing world, the lightweight HydrAid BioSand water filter is a means for addressing the global safe water crisis which results in more than 10 million people dying from disease due to unclean drinking water
Cascade has finalised an agreement with International Aid for the intellectual property related to the initial launch of the HydrAid BioSand water filter, and has obtained a licence from the inventor, which enables Cascade to sell the water filter globally with the aid of Windquest’s capital resources.

The HydrAid Biosand water filter is an injection-moulded, non-electric device, weighing less than 10 pounds which can be installed in 30 minutes to provide up to 75 gallons of clean, safe water per day. Layers of sand and gravel and a surface layer of sand enclosed inside the HydrAid Biosand water filter are infused with bacteria-consuming micro-organisms which consume pathogens before propelling them out of the filter through plastic piping attached to the unit’s exterior, leaving safe drinkable water.

Dick DeVos, CEO of Windquest Group said: “This innovative approach to making safe water available throughout the developing world makes sense on many levels. We are pleased to provide a catalyst for a venture that has the potential both to save, and significantly enhance, the lives of millions of people worldwide.”

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