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Altronic’s new Vibration Sensing Monitor (VSM) is a 32-bit device designed to protect industrial engines, compressors and associated equipment from damage caused by excessive vibration.

Altronic Inc. has released the Altronic Vibration Sensing Monitor (VSM), a 32-bit microprocessor-based electronic instrument designed to protect industrial engines, compressors and associated equipment from damage caused by excessive vibration. The monitor accepts up to four (VSM-400) or eight (VSM-800) industry-tandard, lowcost, broadband, piezoelectric vibration sensors that transform mechanical vibrations into electrical signals, which are then evaluated by the VSM. The resulting vibration levels are displayed on an LCD display and are compared to user-adjustable setpoint levels (two per channel). If a high vibration level surpasses a user-configured setpoint value, an indication is shown on the LCD, and an output switch — for alarm and for shutdown — is activated.

With each input channel operating independently of the other, Altronic said the VSM can be used as the monitoring device for all of the vibration points of interest on an application. For example, individual sensors mounted on a gas compressor cooler, on each bank of the engine and on the compressor cross-heads are individually configured for the appropriate vibration characteristics and monitored by a single VSM device. RS-485 Modbus RTU communication is resident in the device — allowing the vibration data from each channel to be communicated to a control PC/PLC or remotely as a means of determining the overall health and well being of the equipment. The company said that configuration of the monitor can be accomplished simply and conveniently, directly from the front of the device using the system keypad or the VSM Terminal Program included with each unit.

The VSM is housed in a 16.5 x 16.5 cm powder-coated aluminum case for maximum durability in difficult applications. Rugged, pluggable Phoenixtype connectors are used for all input/output connections to assure longterm, reliable system service. Each VSM is also certified as safe for use in Class I, Division 2, Group C and D hazardous operating areas by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), according to Altronic.

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