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A leading manufacturer and distributor of cellulose, collagen and plastic for the food industry, the Spanish company Viscofan, has recently installed two Rolls-Royce Bergen B-gas engines to power a new cogeneration plant.

Two BV20 engines, each producing 8.5 MW of electrical energy at 44.4% efficiency, have joined four Bergen KVGS engines, which have been in service since the 1990s at their plant in Cáseda, Navarra, in northern Spain.

Viscofan’s need to ensure reliable and profitable production in its competitive market sector is being met by the Rolls-Royce gas engine installations, Rolls-Royce said. Together, the new B-gas engines along with the K-gas units provide all the electrical power and hot water needed for the site. The engines were supplied by Rolls-Royce from its factory in Bergen, Norway, and the first two B-gas engines began operating in May 2008.

Heat recovery systems using the engine exhaust heat produce process steam and, in addition, the heat available is used in the high-temperature refrigeration system.

According to Rolls-Royce, the B-gas engines provide a high-efficiency cogeneration cycle with overall energy efficiency reaching almost 85%. The engines include the operation in island mode too, with both units working in parallel with the grid, and the Rolls-Royce designed software ensures proper load sharing.


The Spanish company Viscofan, has recently installed two Rolls-Royce Bergen B-gas engines to power a new cogeneration plant.

Viscofan said that it was the company’s philosophy to select one of the most advanced technologies worldwide when it comes to energy efficiency and the environment and added that it found that Rolls-Royce gas engines are best suited to its corporate objectives. A growing company awareness of the pollu-tion impacts of other types of generating plant prompted Viscofan to opt for gas-based power generation, it said.

Their decision back in 1993 to install their own cogeneration plant to eliminate the frequent disruptions to production has since proved to be correct with three of their four K-gas engines having logged over 100 000 hours of operation.

The new larger and more efficient B-gas units are soon to be joined by a two more BV20s in 2009.

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